RCs, GIT and Bug Busting

16 Mar 2013 08:03 #7931 by Avionyx
Just something I've been thinking about.

As we all know, there seem to be a lot of bugs on OS X that slip through the net when it comes to release time. I think that this is probably, certainly most of the time, purely down to lack of testing and feedback on the part of us Mac users.

Now we have a little sub forum to declare our love for all things Mac (ok, perhaps that's going a bit far) I think we should really put some effort into using the GIT repository, Release and Beta clients, as much as possible. then recording the niggles we find and record them in the official bug tracker.

We can have a sticky thread here with a bug list and corresponding link to the bug tracker item, and keep them update so we can track progress and try and do what we can to help fix the issues and lobby the right devs to ensure we don't get forgotten.

So, who wants to make a start on listing them bugs? :D


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17 Mar 2013 13:12 - 17 Mar 2013 13:15 #7969 by Neilson
I am up for this, just need to figure out GIT.
Keep getting lost on getting it working.

Plus with git i could get procedural texturing scenery, working properly.

Only guessing, but i think most FG mac users are casual ,and on FG facebook.
There never get to the bug tracker with seems to work a getting things sorted.

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