Flight of the Phoeucked PC

23 Nov 2020 07:56 #48912 by Avionyx
Well apologies for disappearing from last Thursday night and missing out on FlightNight.

Was working till about 0030 on Friday Morning and turned my PC off. Came to start work again at 0600 Friday Morning and my PC wouldn't boot / post / do anything.

After about a day of messing around I've worked out that either one of my SATA connectors just went pop, or perhaps one of the SATA controllers as ports 1 and 2 have died, taking the drives that were on there with them and (somehow) corrupting the BIOS as well.

Managed to get the backup BIOS working and worked all weekend putting things onto a new HDD with a fresh OS install on there too.
Thankfully no data loss but I am going to have to spend ages reconfiguring and reinstalling all the software I use so anyone waiting on anything my apologies and give me a poke in a few days when I might be more productive again.

Time to start saving for a new PC I think!


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24 Nov 2020 00:15 #48928 by Vodoun da Vinci
As one who ran my old computer way past it's terms I say get another one. The new stuff rocks.


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