Downloading a single aircraft from GIT

15 Feb 2012 08:38 #16 by StuartC
At Stuart's request here is a quick and simple guide to checking the latest changes, and downloading the latest files from GIT.

Here is the GIT aircraft directory as hosted on the FG Mapserver:;a...e;f=Aircraft;hb=HEAD

You will see it takes you to the folder containing all the aircraft, to check the history and updates of the aircraft you are interested in simply select "history" from the "tree/history" text links.

To download an aircraft select "tree" and then you'll see the page load in the aircraft folder.

In the largest block of text links on that page you will see, just after "HEAD" a link to "snapshot" click the "snapshot" link and you will be presented with the download for that aircraft folder, updated to the very latest possible version existing in GIT.

Hope that helps.


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11 Jan 2014 13:15 #13015 by StuartC
This method no longer works. The Snapshot function is missing. Any other way of getting a single aircraft downloaded from GIT?

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