Sunday Special - Stormchasers!

27 Oct 2013 13:42 #11959 by Algernon
Here's a very short notice invitation to join a Sunday night flight. Some of us gather on Teamspeak on Sunday evenings, and if anybody fancies it, there is some really nasty weather expected around then.

A storm front moving northeast across southern England is already producing some powerful winds at EGOD, and by this evening, it is expected some truly horrid weather will start to follow it by nightfall. I'm planning to get out into it and see what 2.12's advanced weather makes of the METARs.

My network self-destructed half an hour into last night's flight (turned out to be conflicting IP addresses with the pub's CCTV system) so it'd be nice to get some MP flying in tonight if anyone's planning to be around...

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27 Oct 2013 14:09 #11960 by StuartC
Unfortunatly now on my winter schedual which involves weekly incarseration at the inlaws on a Sunday night.

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