FGUK Flightnight-Sun 18th May- Intro to Military ATC

02 May 2014 04:52 - 02 May 2014 07:35 #15277 by Rafdave
This will be an extra FGUK Flightnight on 18th May to act as an introduction to Military ATC procedures and how to interact with a military controller. There is unfortunately no way of escaping that you will have to read and digest the info below and ask what ever questions you have about it.

Without boring the world on how airspace is broken up it is important to state that not all airspace is controlled!! (something that possibly gets missed by some people) This page gives a brief break down if your interested. It is possible to go over and under Controlled Airspace(CAS) which is something military aircraft do quite often.

2000 UTC - EGOD - Any jet capable of AARA in FG - General Comms on TS

You will need to download the FGUK MRTT and it would be desirable to make sure you have to latest scenery for EGOD from the hangar

The flight will begin on the ground at EGOD and dependant on the numbers I'll decide how best to split everyone up. However expect formations of 2 possibly 3 ac or if numbers are low you'll get to go off on your own. Each formation will be given a formation callsign for use on "RT" i.e. JEDI 1 and JEDI 2.

When you are ready as a formation to depart you will call for taxi to the active RW to depart VFR, as its a quiet airfield GRD and TWR will probably just get left joined together on the same frequency(fairly common for Mil airfields). When your at the hold for the RW you'll get the usual take off clearance. Once airborne from EGOD you will be sent "on-route" and leave ATC to fly low level NE across the country (the route is entirely up to you) aiming to complete your route somewhere between Newcastle(EGNT) and SAB. At that point you will "pull-up" and call ATC again.

This time you will be placed under a radar service and given vectors towards a tanker established in UK AARA6. The tanker will probably be at FL200 (20,000ft with 29.92/1013 set on your altimeter) maintaining a speed of about 275Kts IAS. ATC will climb you up to a safe level below the tanker and give vectors until you are visual with the tanker (the aim is to keep giving you headings until you are directly behind the tanker and 1000ft below if necessary). Once you are visual with the tanker you will be told to contact the tanker (hopefully on a different frequency). The diagram below shows the positions around a tanker and where you can expect to be cleared to.

You will initially be cleared to the "observation left" position. Once in this position and the tanking ac is happy you will be cleared to either "Astern" on the left or right if you are using the hoses or "astern" centre if using the Boom. When you get there you will be cleared "contact"i.e. plug in and start refuelling and then you request to "disconnect" when your finished sliding backwards again to the "Astern" position. Once finished you will be cleared to "re-form right" and that is the tanking finished.

You will then as a formation climb 1000ft above the tanker and recall ATC. You will be re-identified and given your own navigation back towards EGOD, the FL you use to go back is entirely up to you so just ask :). As you approach EGOD you will be descended down and once below FL190 you can either have vectors until visual with the airfield or you can go back on your own navigation. Read this post on a visual run and break (try and use this method of recovering). As you carry out this procedure you will be handed over to the TWR controller and given the appropriate clearances.

I'll add some "phraseology" examples below for each stage of the flight.

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02 May 2014 07:24 #15278 by Rafdave
The way to establish whether your whole formation is on frequency is as follows.....

The flight leader will call "Jedi Check".....the rest of the formation then reply with their formation number i.e. "2" "3" depending on how many aircraft are in the formation.

Grd/Twr (standby for a diagram showing EGOD's taxiways)

"Jedi Check"

"Llanbedr Grd, Jedi, 2 EF2000, request taxi, latest weather copied(or not)"
"Jedi, Llanbedr Grd Taxi to RW17 via A hold short at A1"
"A1 via A Jedi"
"Jedi holding short at A1"

"Jedi, roger Line up and Wait, Surface wind .....>"
"line up and wait Jedi"

"Jedi, Cleared for take-off Surface wind....."
"take off, Jedi"

"Jedi Airborne"
"Jedi roger Squawk 7001 (UK LL Sqk) change on-route frequency"
"7001 on-route Jedi"

Leaving LL

"Jedi Check"
"Swanwick Mil, Jedi"
"Jedi, Swanwick Mil, Sqk 4610, Pass your message"
"4610(only the lead Sqks), 2 EF2000, 25 miles north of Newcastle climbing FL100 for towline 6"
"Jedi roger, identified climb FL190, No2 Sqk standby"
"climb FL100, No2 Standby"

"Jedi turn right heading 140 degrees"
"right 140 Jedi"
"Jedi the tanker is in your right 1 o'clock 20 miles crossing right to left at FL200 report visual"
"wilco Jedi"
"Jedi the tanker frequency is.... do not change until advised, after re-fuelling climb 1000ft above the tanker re-contact me this frequency"
"....., after refuelling climb 1000ft above and back to this"

"Jedi visual with the tanker"
"jedi roger continue with Tartan71 frequency....."
"...... jedi"

The re-fuelling

"Tartan71, Jedi with you FL190"
"Jedi, Taran71 cleared join observation left, 2 ac on the back"
"Join observation left and copy the traffic , jedi"

"Jedi 1 cleared astern Right, Jedi 2 astern Left"
"Cleared astern right Jedi 1"
"Cleared astern Left Jedi 2"

"Jedi 1 complete"
"Jedi 1 cleared disconnect"
"cleared disconnect Jedi 1"
"Jedi 1 Go re-form Right"
"Re-form Right Jedi 1"

....once both are complete

"Jedi cleared to depart"
"roger Jedi"

back to ATC

"Swanwick Mil Jedi"
"Jedi, Swanwick Mil Sqk 4610, pass your message"
"Jedi are complete refuelling, Jedi2 now has the lead(if you want :p) climbing FL210"
"Jedi Identified climbing FL210, what level do you require for transit"
"FL300 Jedi"
"Jedi Roger Climb FL300 own nav EGOD"
"Climb FL300 own nav EGOD Jedi"

"Jedi Descend FL100 what type of approach at EGOD"
"FL100, Radar to visual (that means you get vectored to a point you are visual)"
"Jedi Roger"
"JEdi descent to altitude 6000ft QNH 29.86"
"6000ft 29.86 Jedi
"Jedi turn left heading 170 degrees descend to altitude 1500ft, when steady aerodrome right 1 0'clock, 8 miles report visual"
"Visual Jedi"
"Jedi Sqk Standby continue with tower...."
"Standby to tower Jedi"

With Tower

"Tower, Jedi request Join"
"Jedi, Llanbedr Tower Join RW17, QNH 29.86, 2 in the circuit"
"join, 29.86 set Jedi"
"Jedi Initials"
"Jedi Roger 1 finals, 2 downwind"
"Jedi on the break to land"
"Jedi roger 2 ahead surface wind ...."
"Jedi 1 finals gear down"
"jedi 1 cleared to land
"Land Jedi 1"
"Jedi 2 Finals gear down"
"Jedi 2 cleared to land in turn"
"Land Jedi 2"

That's about it....I know it seems like a lot but that is everything you need for an entire sortie and is more than a base level for anything we would possibly need. Hope it helps!! :)
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14 May 2014 21:59 #15543 by Rafdave
Just an icle reminder that seen as you lot are all so lucky.....

For anyone who would like to learn some genuine military ATC procedures feel free to read (and digest as much as possible :sick: ) the info above and ill be around on sunday to go through it.

I should be on TS through the day on sunday as well so can chat to anyone who wants to pop along before the approx 2000 UK time window

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15 May 2014 01:39 #15545 by Algernon
I'm definitely up for this :) Don't know if I can get in much earlier as I'm working, but it's a Sunday so hopefully I can get away a little earlier...

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