14th July Flight

10 Jul 2018 16:42 #39298 by Algernon
I was supposed to take the video for this one, as I was planning to drive back from my sailing job over this weekend to take part and do the filming. Unfortunately, I can now not attend at all :(

I have only just received the itinerary and it's significantly different from what I had deduced from the bookings calendar - it turns out on Saturday night the barge will be at anchor somewhere off the East Coast, most likely without a phone signal, and definitely a long, wet distance from my car. So that's that sketch knackered.

I'm really sorry about that, Stuart - this is my first trip on the barge and I'm not yet used to how they do things. Hopefully I'll be able to predict better in the future. I'm definitely keeping the following week free, though, and will be able to handle the streaming then to give you a break, and hopefully the week after that too.

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10 Jul 2018 17:58 #39301 by StuartC

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