Bug hunting & git bisect

16 May 2019 09:35 #42596 by enrogue
I recently tracked down a bug affecting the loading of AI models from scenarios & that has been fixed by StuartB - it fixed issues in Bombable, but also means that the Mach loop works properly as well on next (the scenario still loaded but you got gliders instead of the rings)

I was wondering if anyone else had seen new bugs that they could describe? I can have a go at tracking them down to commits - I probably won't be able to fix it, but I can at least report it & point to the commit

The AI one above had showed up in between 2018.2.3 & 2018.3.1, so it had been there for a while

I just found a bug in loading terrain models that has appeared in next some time after 2019.1.1rc - going to attempt track that down next (it affects EGOD buildings) - again I can't see anything in the logs about missing models, but maybe I've got my logging turned down too much

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