On VooDoo Dolls and personal Development aircraft

04 Nov 2019 21:30 - 06 Nov 2019 15:31 #43723 by Vodoun da Vinci
Many of you know that I have dozens of aircraft from WWII tail draggers to jets and space craft living/flying on my computer and that I use these Development projects to gather scenery for FlightNights and tease pictures and video with them. Some have/will eventually be released but the vast majority of them are "personal" aircraft and will not be released.

I have always been willing to share so if you see something you really like please just ask and I will send you a copy of the 3D model that you can develop to your hearts content - I will definitely release some of these aircraft as "Personal Fliers" and the public releases of these will be without instruments and FDM's so that you can see me when I fly them but if you want a flying version, you'll have to do that yourself.

I have recently released a few models in various states of Development and that isn't working for me as it seems I'm supposed to find these aircraft and then develop them to the specifications and desires of folks who like them and that's....not working for me. Ya get the 3D models and you can do anything you'd like with them.

Please ask if you want something and remember to change the model names of the 3D models I send you to remove my influence or designations as it's now yours to develop as you'd like. No, I'm not supplying you with a finished product - it's like a plastic model kit.

Lot's of assembly required. :)

If yer interested in *why* I am adopting this attitude we can discuss it here.

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