29 Aug 2017 09:22 #35297 by Lukass
I am watching you (FGUK) on Facebook and Youtube. I decided to register on your forum because I would like to join you, be part of your great team and have a possibility to fly with you and learn from you.

I have some experience in Flightgear as a:
SP-LCZ ( fgtracker.ml/modules/fgtracker/?FUNCT=FLIGHTS&CALLSIGN=SP-LCZ ) with 870 hours in the air (airliners) and
SP-ARM ( fgtracker.ml/modules/fgtracker/?FUNCT=FLIGHTS&CALLSIGN=SP-ARM ) with 17 hours in the air in military aircrafts.

I have some experience in FSX too. For FG I use PC (i7 6700K@4,2GHz, 32 gb ram, GTX 1070i 8 gb, hdd ssd m2) or MacBook Pro 13", joy Thrustmaster Hotas X. Last days I use FG 2017.2.1.

I would be grateful for the information what I need to know to fly with you.

First problem / question: I have a problem with EGOD scenery installation - I have almost 50 customs airports and sceneries from all the world and everything is working except EGOD. I always keep my scenery file in external folder with link in FG launcher. I tried to turn off all sceneries and keep only EGOD as custom scenery in external folder (to avoid cover by other scenery) - doesn't work. I tried to copy all files into my Terrasync scenery folder - result - I see some building like FGUK hangar, but it stay on the grass, I do not see for example some elements from your movies like fence, static airplanes, taxiway... Your file and folder structure is a little different than other sceneries - EGOD folder... Could you tell me what I am doing wrong?

Best regards,

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29 Aug 2017 09:42 #35298 by StuartC
Hi and welcome.
New pilots are always welcome to fly with us. All you need to do is keep an eye on the Saturday Nigt flying forum area to see whats coming up. :-


We try to get details up as early as possible, but that's not always the case. Normal flight time is from 8pm UK time on a Saturday night and the flights usually last about 2 hours. ( we never fly busses though ). The only solid rule is you follow the requirements set out by the flight leader. So if they specify certain aircraft, that's what you need to use.

I'm not the best with scenery, but the instructions for the download go like this:

The EGOD folder (containing, Airport, Objects & Terrain Folders)

should be placed in the following....
Manual Install


There are 4 files, EGOD, Airports, Objects, Terrain.

data/Scenery/EGOD/Models/ All files here

data/Scenery/Airports/E/G/O/ All files here

data/Scenery/Objects/w010n50/w005n52/ All files here

data/Scenery/Terrain/w010n50/w005n52/ All files here

For any future updates this is the only folder you will have to replace

You will only have to click refresh on the airfield selection page after downloading the new scenery
A diagram showing the parking positions available is also in this folder

If this is the first time downloading this scenery or you have only had V0.1 or V0.2 then you now need to add this to your FG_SCENERY directory
(exactly the same as you did for terrasync many moons ago)
Open Flightgear to the aircraft selection page and click "prev"
(This will open the page similar to one in the install.jpg that is above this readme file in the downloaded folder.)

Click "Add"

Follow the File path to where you have just put the EGOD Folder
i.e. C:/Program Files/Flightgear/data/scenery/EGOD

This should add a line to your FG_Scenery list alongside the main directory and your terrasync directory

The new line needs to be moved to the top of the list as shown in the image

Do this by clicking the "up Arrow" on the right"

(This means it takes priority over your other directories)

Thats the new scenery loaded!!!

Simply go to the airfield selection page and click "refresh"

When you now search for EGOD it will give you a list of parking positions to start from
To get the arrestor cables working the EGOD_arrestor_cables.xml
has to be put alongside all of the other AI scenarios in....
You can now select this as an AI scenario before running FG

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29 Aug 2017 10:49 - 29 Aug 2017 12:00 #35299 by Lukass
Thank you StuartC for your answer. I will try again with this scenery.
Next Saturday I will be on a party, so I won't to attend, but next I have to be!

See you in the sky!

Edit: Scenery is working now! Thanks one more time!

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