11th April, the Trossachs !

06 Apr 2020 20:15 #45876 by StuartC

This weeks flight will be a Chopper flight.
The Route for the first half will take us over the Trossachs National park here in Scotland ( Where I went with the R66 in August last year ).

Speed will be around 100kts, so pretty much any chopper should keep up.
If you are bringing anything other than a chopper from the FGUK Hanger, you must post a download link by no later than the 10th. Failure to do so will result in your glider being ignored.

Route manager file for the flight:-

Comms will be via TS, I will not be typing anything to anyone while flying a chopper.
TS server details:-
The following user(s) said Thank You: Vodoun da Vinci, Oswald, flash

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09 Apr 2020 18:43 #45892 by flash
hmm, not restricted to fguk hangar? Then, I'll bring the s58 mirrors.ibiblio.org/flightgear/ftp/Aircraft/Sikorsky-S58.zip

Otherwise maybe the gazelle or something else from fguk.

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