FlightNight Sat. Oct. 10th - Caucasus Mountain 'Chopper Tour

08 Oct 2020 11:13 - 08 Oct 2020 15:55 #48320 by Vodoun da Vinci

We'll meet at 8pm London time in Georgia at ICAO: UGKO - Kopitnari airport. Please bring the helicopter of your choice from the FGUK Hangars that can attain/maintain 120 KIAS up to 17000' for an hours duration. The Plan is to depart directly to Mt. Elbrus in Russia and then turn and land for our mid point break at ICAO: URMN - Nalchik in Russia.

After refresh and refuel we will depart to the South until we again enter the mountains and then turn Eastish for our final destination of ICAO: UGTB - Tbilisi again back in Georgia. We'll be flying Border High Pressure Weather.

Comms on TeamSpeak as always: www.fguk.me/forum/radio-comms/20-team-speak3-server-details

Lots of significant terrain and deep valleys and soaring peaks. Hope to see as many as possible! We will probably (certainly) run a little late on this FlightNight so plan on ending about 10 or 15 minutes late. Try as I might I cannot get it into 2 hours. Apologies in advance!


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