Development Criteria for all projects - Please Read

06 Jul 2020 21:14 #47440 by Avionyx
Hi All,

We've started to get a much broader type of developments which is fantastic to see and the admin team have been discussing how best to make sure that they are easily understood.

We've come up with a system which will probably evolve with time but hopefully provides us all with a decent starting point.

All project's should be classified using one of the below options. This is to protect the project and you as the originator of the project from any confusion, it makes your intentions clear and gives others a clear reference point to work from when contributing.

FGUK Halo Releases (Forum tag [HALO]) :
The cream of our crop, projects that are designed to be a proper simulation (as far as FG's limitations allow), they'll be managed by a boardroom member as the lead developer for that aircraft as well as overseen by the rest of us to ensure it meets standards. All contributions from everyone will be merged / approved into the project by the project originator. Anyone can contribute, but what is added, how and at what stage will be tightly controlled to ensure value is being added in the right way.

FGUK Community Release (Forum tag [Community] ):
Again a project will have an originator (whoever starts it) and people will be invited to contribute, it'll be a collection of all those willing and able to put together something of a good quality, some artistic license will be allowed to enhance functionality and enjoyment. The originator says what goes - but the final product is expected to be of good quality and suitable to be released under the FGUK banner.

FGUK Pet Project (Forum tag [FGUK Pet] ):

A good example might be "Hey guys I found this model that kind of looks like what it's supposed to but it's not 100% perfect" everyone pitches in and it's a purely fun model. Probably best kept from the main hangar for downloads. It's not actively maintained as a regular release but it's nice to have around, perhaps re-imagined boneyard projects that aren't quite Community/Halo release material?

Personal Pet Project Forum tag [Personal] ):

This is someone's personal toy, done the way they want and in the way they want it. IF when they are done with it they want it released as any of the above then that's their choice, up until that point everything is by invitation only. "Hey can someone help me with the gear animation on this" isn't expected to be greeted back with "I did some of the gear animations and also gave it a brand new FDM and light pack"
on the other side "No problem I did what I could, would you also like me to take a look at the lights and FDM?" would be acceptable.
The answer "No" to that would also be perfectly fine, should be expected and MUST be respected.

Group projects are, generally, released under the CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 license ( ) and of course other licenses are perfectly acceptable (especially where the source material insists) and the license should be clearly displayed.

EXAMPLE Project post:

Forum Title:
BAe Hawk T.2 [HALO]

First Post:
BAe Hawk T.2 Halo Project 
Originator(s): Avionyx, TheBroons
License: CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 
Repository: Google Drive / GitLab

and then from that point everything is as normal but at least the ground rules have been set and everyone's expectations are aligned.

Questions? Suggestions? This post will serve as a live document that gets updated with the rules as we work them out together. Feel free to link to it as part of the license in the initial post of a project should you wish.
The following user(s) said Thank You: thebroons, Vodoun da Vinci, geed, J Maverick 16

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08 Jul 2020 07:31 #47460 by J Maverick 16
Nice to see this written and I hope it will make Hangar aircraft go a step forward. I'd be happy to help with whatever when I'm not working on other planes, as long as it's not viewed as bad work, and I hope it will really avoid any misunderstandings regarding contributions. Good one Alex and all the others who discussed about this.

Breakin' the sound barrier every day!
Oh God, that's EGOD!

FG 2020.3.1 - iMac 27" (Mid 2010) w/ macOS 10.12.6 - Thrustmaster FCS Flight Pack + MFD Cougar

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08 Jul 2020 10:54 #47462 by enrogue
Thanks Alex, glad to see this formalised

I will be working on FG itself & other infrastructure things for a bit, so it may be a while before I can contribute to any aircraft, but feel free to ask

I can really only work well with Git{lab,hub} projects myself these days

After I'm done with the AppImage stuff I'm going to investigate automatically generating an FGUK catalogue for the Qt Launcher - I need a project to learn Python (yuck)

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09 Jul 2020 08:10 #47476 by Algernon
Eww. I had a go at Python, abandoned the project within weeks.

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