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Republic F-105 Thunderchief Republic F-105 Thunderchief HOT

The Republic F-105 Thunderchief was a supersonic fighter-bomber used by the United States Air Force. The Mach 2 capable F-105 conducted the majority of strike bombing missions during the early years of the Vietnam War; it was the only U.S. aircraft to have been removed from combat due to high loss rates.[2] Originally designed as a single-seat, nuclear-attack aircraft, a two-seat Wild Weasel version was later developed for the specialized Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) role against surface-to-air missile sites. The F-105 was commonly known as the "Thud" by its crews.

This aircraft requires the Dave Pack, available HERE

Release Notes:-


Both YASIM + JSBsim vesions available.

Both versions:-

Updated sound files.

Updated effects.

Advanced lighting kit fitted.

HD Pilot fitted.

Pilot cam + Over The Shoulder cam added.

Huge makeover of the cockpit.

Livery swapping enable with extra liveries included.


YASIM Version specific changes:-

YASIM FDM, using YASIM CURRENT VERSION suitable for FG 3.2+

Multiple payload options available. A number of pre configured load outs are available from the F-105 menu. - Read the help file.

Cannon carries the correct amount of ammo and can only be reloaded on the ground.


Known autopilot issues:-

Curently the only working Autopilot functions are:-

Altitude Hiold

AGL Altitude Hold.

Wings Level

All other functions are currently non funtional.



Size63.39 MB
LicenseCC-BY-NC-SA v4 external
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