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General Dynamics F-16CJ General Dynamics F-16CJ HOT

Preview video of the FGUK F-16CJ available HERE


Release Notes:-


Removed the remaining dependancies on the other F16.

New FDM using "Yasim Current Version" suitable for FG3.2+

Preload weapon selection options available in the F-16 Menu. NOTE you still need to select one item manually for the payload weight to calculate properly.

Cannon contains the correct ammo load.


Removed dependancy on the Gripen
New fuel management system - Drop tanks will now operate automatically once selected and filled.

Bug fix for Mac users - solves the missing cockpit/fail to load issues and corrected the path error on 1 sound FX for MP sound.

First public release of the FGUK F-16CJ variant.
Based upon the 3d model of the original flight gear F-16.
All new YASIM FDM.
New sound FX and MP sound ( for FG V2.8 + )
Rembrandt ready - NOTE Some Mac OS versions may experience issues + FG versions prior to V2.8 may also experience visual errors.
Pilot cam.
Some new visual effects.
Selectable payload system.
JPEG liveries and textures to reduce size and loading times.
Liveries from the original Flight Gear F-16 will not work correctly !
Livery selection is functional and can also include the Pilots uniform.


Size23.76 MB
LicenseGNU/GPL external
AuthorErik Hofman, Gary Brown (textures), Martin "Pegasus" Schmitt (panel textures) StuartC FDM
Changed byGary Brown


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