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Delete your old version before use as this one has been re named to look better over the MP map.

Rembrandt auto detection in place. Suitable for FG V2.8+
New sound pack + MP sound.
reworked FDM ( not a true Delta but meets the projected performance specs of the real one ).
Engine Start up/shutdown sequence.

Cockpit detailing improved by Helijah.

FDM re written. Caution. the Autopilot is pretty much useless with the new FDM.

Speed brakes are now active in the FDM although not visually moddeld on the aircraft.

New Bumpmapping and liveries added by N-SCOT.

Updated tip trail scrip submitted by Owen P Smith.

Front Cockpit avionics fitted with control sick and pedals.

Change to the fuel fraction to make it a bit more economic. Dont be fooled though, its still drinks like a Russian General.

Engines produce more acceleration now.

Afterburner effect improved.

Tailpipe decoration added.

Fanblades added.

This is the first version since Helija's initial release. The changes are:-

FDM reworked in most areas.

Autopilot added.

Nav lights and beacons added.

Landing lights added.

Sonic Shockwave added.

Wing Condensation added.

Low level wake effect added.

It still tends to over perform in its flat line speed. Having trouble making it slow enough !


Size15.8 MB
LicenseGNU/GPL external
AuthorEmmanuel BARANGER (3D/FDM), StuartC mods
Changed byGary Brown


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