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North American FJ-2/-3 Fury North American FJ-2/-3 Fury HOT

This aircraft requires the DAVE PACK, available HERE.

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Release notes:-



Available in both JSB  & YASIM versions.

Both Rembrandt ready with Rembrandt auto detection.

HD pilot fitted with  pilot and over the shoulder cam views.

YASIM Version has selectible drop tanks + fuel management system.

YASIM has engine Start/Stop sequence.

Both versions are Carrier capable.

Both include AI Scenario for Arrester wire equipped airfields.

Many new liveries included.

Fixed Wing fold and Canopy animations on the YASIM Version.


Tweaked sound file and Audio FX.




 YASIM option available.

 Reworked cockpit.

 Updated visual effects.

 Updated Sound FX & MP Sound for FG V2.8+

 Livery selection available ( Includes the pilots uniform ).


 Fireable Cannon. Press e to fire the cannons.


 AMB Values corrected throughout the aircraft.


 Engine Start/Shutdown sequence ( YASIM version ). Press } to startup/shut down the engine.


 Still to do:-



 Canopy and wing fold animations on the YASIM version. 


Size29.44 MB
LicenseCC-BY-NC-SA v4 external
AuthorDavid Culp (FDM), Alpha Simulations (3D), StuartC
Changed byGary Brown


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