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Yakovlev Yak Yakovlev Yak-130 HOT

The Yakovlev Yak-130 (NATO reporting name: Mitten) is a subsonic two-seat advanced jet trainer/light attack aircraft or lead-in fighter trainer originally developed by Yakovlev and Aermacchi.

Suitable for FG2018.3+ versions


Minor FDM tweaks to include  the anti slip patch for FG2019 versions.

Minor sound updates.

ALS Glass and fuselage effects added including rain and livery specific levels of fuselage reflection.

Repositioning of the  pilots viewpoint.

Enhansement of visual FX for Multiplayer.

fixed some bugs in the payload scripting.

Fixed some case sensitive path issues.

Updated moving map fitted.

Cockpit mirrors fitted.



Bangladesh livery added.



Additional and updated liveries added.

FDM - Updated to use YASIM CURRENT VERSION with asociated tweaks and upgrades including  Auto Slats and  Anti skid Undercrariage. NOTE This is suitable for FG V3.2  +. If you are using an earlier version you can edit the indicated lines at the start of the set files to use the old FDM.

Fuel managent script for the Drop Tanks.

MP Co-pilot/Instructor -  now a you can have a Friend in the Back Seat. This is a passenger only function at the moment but it will be expanded in future releases.


Small fixes and cleanup


FDM fix

Moving map fix


Bombable support

Ejection seats


SVN compatible


Fixed payload mass positions


New cockpit and textures

New instruments

5 liveries

Payload integer encoding script and MP support for payload (using string encoding)

Cannon and rockets updated to realistic rate of fire and limited ammo, cannon bullets with realistic speed and dynamics

MP support for cannon tracers and sound

Menu entries for reloading cannon/rockets and for toggling ammo count reports

Ammo reload possible only when still on the ground


3D model fixes (UV mapping and z-fighting)

Texture fixes


New Blue RuAF 54 livery

Small fixes on models and textures


Two more Russian Air Force liveries added

Fixed Paintkit details


Weapon models added


Rembrandt and lights enabled

Fixed instrument alignment

Remodeled cockpit

Dirt layer on livery and paintkit

Landing gear animations

Tomaskom fixes:

Lighting pack updated

Fixed Nasal code

Fixed explosion and fire


Package cleanup

To enable Rembrandt effects and lights uncheck code in model's .xml file, landing gear isn't properly animated (code included)

New 3D model, textures and animations

Russian Air Force livery and paintkit


All new lighting pack

New MP sound management

New Engine management scripting

Aircraft records Airframe and engine fatigue

FOB doors animated. Currently deploy with the landing gear


FDM updates - drag caused by the speed brake and flaps altered

Cockpit - Both small screens on the left and right of the cockpit now displaying information. Other minor cosmetic changes also included


First public release of the FGUK Yak-130

Aircraft is Rembrandt ready with auto detection. Suitable for Fg V2.8+

MP sound for FG v2.8+

Engine startup/ Shutdown sequence. Press }to start the engines

FDM gives performance data matching manufacturers data

The model us untextured and a number of things are still not animated


Size20.18 MB
LicenseGNU/GPL external
AuthorPetar Jedvaj, StuartC, Tomaskom
WebsiteWebsite external
CreatedWednesday, 27 November 2013 10:55
ChangedSaturday, 22 February 2020 12:18
Changed byStuartC


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