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Panavia Tornado F3, GR4a, Panavia Tornado F3, GR4a, IDS HOT




Tweaks to the 3d model, UV Mapping, Sound.

Updated FDM's for FG 3.2+ using YASIM Current Version


*** NOTE - if you are using a FG version earlier than V2.8 or using certain Mac OS version you may experience issues with the lighting effects. To fix this, open the Model/Lights folder and deleted the folder called "remb" ***

Reduced the gap between the elevators and fuselage.
Fixed the transparent speed brake.
Rembrandt specific version deleted. One version for each will auto detect Rembrandt and adjust accordingly.
Latest lighting kit added
New sound FX - Authentic Tornado engine whine and afterburner sounds added.
Added nav linghts to the wing tips which move with the wing sweep.
Changed the pilots. Pilots can now be included in the livery swap so they change uniform.
Cannons now fire on all versions.
Flare launch system in all versions.
Pilot cam fitted.
Authentic Tornado engine whine and afterburner effects.
MP sound file tweaked.
Emergency arrestor hook fitted.
AMB values corrected

Version 1.3 ALPHA

Release Notes:-


Animation fix for Wing sweep and canopy animations. Both are now viewable over multiplayer.

New Crashed effect added.

Low level wash effect updated.

MP sound file updated.

Bug fix for the multiplayer sound.


All 3 aircraft now optimised to use JPEG liveries. Please ren the liveries README file contained in the folder before creating new liveries.

HUD symbols are now limited to the area of the HUD glass.

New wing condesation effect added and linked to the wing sweep animation.

New sound FX added.

Multiplayer sound added for FG 2.8+

Rembrandt versions of all 3 aircraft now added to the aircraft list.

Refueling probes restored on all 3 aircraft.

Liveries should now be viewable over multiplayer.

Updated Autopilot.

Fixed the Afterburner animation on all 3 aircraft.

All 3 aircraft should now have some form of working radar in the front cockpit.

Fixed the transparency issue when looking down the intakes.

Fixed some sound issues and added some new sounds.


Release Notes:-
Changes by HHS:-
added refueling probes to all 3 aircraft.

Changes by VooDoo:-

corrected the ambient light values and image files relating to the interior and optional payload items.

Changes by StuartC:-

Corrected the position of the Nav lights.

Known Issues:-

Cant get the refueling probes to deploy.

Afterburner effect on the GR4 is stuck on permanantly.

Afterburner effect on all 3 aircraft comes on well before the afterburner should do.

Engine intakes appear transparent on all 3 aircraft when viewed from the front.

Changes by HHS:-
- enabled Afterburner with throttle
- added slats
- adjusted braking coeeficients (maybe still too low for full afterburner?)

3d-model F3, GR4, IDS:
- modifications
- UVmap
- simple Paintkits for Gimp and Inkscape
- livery over mp
- adjusting of some animations

changes by StuartC
FDM- Elevator power and ground contact points for the nose wheels fixed.
All fuselage payload options now count in the FDM at the correct locations.
HUD - RAF type HUD fitted to all 3 versions.
Colour added to the pilots.
Weapons officer can no longer rotate his head through 360 degrees.

Payload options are now available for the fuselage hard points on all 3 aircraft.

Radar now working in the front cockpit of the IDS.


Certain payload options require they are not fitted with others as the size and position occupies more than one hard point.

The IDS and GR4 share the same payload options for now. This will change.

Payload currently is not counted towards weight and drag in the FDM.

Cannons are firing blanks. I cant get the tracers to work yet.

More external Fuselage detailing on the F3.
All Aircraft front cockpits have received more kit.
Wing sweep animation is now smooth on all aircraft.
Speed brake animation is now working on all aircraft, but not smoothly yet.

All new autopilot written for the Tornado by Algernon.
Rear cockpit detail added, though not complete.
Pilots added ( only viewable from external views ).
Front gear animation fixed so theres no weird bits of metal flying through the cockpit when you retract or extend your gear.
FDM altered for the IDS/GR4a. Top speed at altitude takes into account the pernanent drag and weight of the external stores on the wings. Max Speed with afterburner at 36000ft is now mach 1.9.

Note. None of the radar or MFD's work yet.
The Altimeter wont show up in the rear cockpits. Can anyone tell me why ???

All 3 aircraft now have some form of cockpit instrumentation installed. Things like MFD's and radar are not yet functional.
Countermeasure pods have been added to the outer wing pilons on all 3 airgraft. The inboard pilons now have the launch rails attached including IRIS-T missiles.
FDM Tweek to try and calm the roll rate a bit on al 3 aircraft.
FDM tweek - engine output increased on the F3 version.
Sonic shockwave effect on test on the F3. Let me know if you think this is a good thing or not.

This contains the base for all 3 versions, GR4a, IDS and F3
Cockpit tub remoddeled and resized to fit each.
HUD fitted and sized to the HUD Glass in each.

Known issues :- Throttle hold on the Autopilot will induce a severe frame rate loss. I have no idea why or what may be causing that. If anyone can find that particular bug, please let me know.

Compared to the original IDS by HHS, the differences are:-
Basic cockpit fitted.
Pilots viewpoint sorted
Added the Targiting devices under its Chin for the GR4a
FG2.4 compatable Autopilot ( Thottle hold is faulty !!! Dont use that bit ! )
Nav lights, Top beacon, landing lights, Engine smoke and a sound pack.
All Aircraft currently share the same FDM.


Size54.79 MB
LicenseGNU/GPL external
AuthorHeiko Schulz, Markus Zojer, Stuart C
CreatedWednesday, 27 November 2013 10:55
ChangedSaturday, 23 February 2019 15:59
Changed byGary Brown


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