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Hawker-Siddeley Nimrod Hawker-Siddeley Nimrod MR2 HOT




Updated FDM.

All new lighting pack with rembrandt auto detection. suitable for FG V2.8+

All new sound pack and Mp sound.

Engine startup/shutdown sequence on all 4 engines . press } to start engines. NOTE, there is a 30 sec delay between each engine starting.

New pilots added.

Seats for the pilot + Co pilot added

Added multiplayer sound support for FG v2.8+
added a Rembrandt version to the aircraft list.

Landing lights now controlled by a switch on the dashboard - Added by Helijah

Grownd shadow effect inproved by Helijah.

Updated radar scripting added to reduce frame rate loss.

Wing Condensation effect added.

FDM updated. The nodding Dog effect you get while under Autopilot has now been fixed.

Removed a dependancy relating to the BAE Hawk.

5 new liveries added . All painted by N-SCOT

New Stall warning added.

Small update.

Added cockpit radar to the centre consol. It is functional with approx 20 mile range.

Made the pilot invisable whil on inernal views

Removed the throttle quadrant for now as it obscures the radar.

Added 2 new liveries.

I must have missed an update by Helija where he added the Cocpit panel, so I merged the two aircraft.
Added most of the front panel instruments that I could find.

The ambient light values on some instruments needs fixing.
The needles on some instruments also need fixing as they didnt enjoy being re scaled to fit the Nimrod.

Fixed the inflight refueling. It will now accept fuel from a tanker.
Now using an alternative autopilot.
Still has this weird nodding dog thing going on. Not related to the auto pilot.

V0.5 changes:-

FDM Updates to the wing and vertical stab.
Slight increase in accelleration.
Addition of a simple landing light effect.

V 0.4 changes:-
All updates including this one have been FDM tweeks and Autopilot experiments ( Plus the addition of the refueling boom ).
Changes from V0.1:-
Aeleron & Elevator responses tweeked.
Fuel fraction tweeked. Should be roughly able to do its 5hrs flight duration ( untested as I never have 5hrs to fly anything ).
Airspeed tweeked. The V0.1 was supersonic. This one is closer to the mark ( should have a ground speed cruse of arround 499 kt in real life ) KIAS is obviously completely different.
V0.1 flew in level flight with about 6 degrees nose down attitude. I have got this to arround 3 degrees now.
This Autopilot gives a better climb rate and turn rate although still suffers from a weird pitch up, pitch down oscelation in level flight. Its not a fatal oscelation, its quite slow but still bugs the hell out of me. 

Visual updates from V0.1

Added nav light s and beacons etc.
Added the rooftop refueling probe. ( scripting for the AAR is untested as yet )


Size19.61 MB
LicenseGNU/GPL external
AuthorEmmanuel BARANGER (3D/FDM) StuartC FDM mods.
CreatedWednesday, 27 November 2013 10:55
ChangedSaturday, 23 February 2019 16:00
Changed byGary Brown


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