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McDonnell-Douglas/BAC FGR2 Phantom II McDonnell-Douglas/BAC FGR2 Phantom II HOT

This aircraft requires the DAVE PACK, available HERE.


Release notes:-


Removed dependencies on F4-J

Cleared error relating to Engine properties causing crash on startup

Modified MP Light properties - 2 still not working (Strobe/Nav)


Changes to Both versions:-

Advanced lighting kit fitted

MP Afterburner effect

Updated sound files.

Changes to YASIM vesion:-

YASIM File updated to use YASIM CURRENT VERSION for FG 3.2+.

Pre selected load out options are available from the FGR2 menu.

Added MP Back sear ( WSO ) - passenger mode only at the moment.

Fixed some animation issues.

Front Canopy animated.

Help file updated - please read it.





 Both versions ;-

 Updated sound pack and MP sound ( MP sound may need testing and tweeking ).

 Fully auto switching/detection for Rembrandt. Suitable for RG V2.8+. Earlier versions and some MAC OS versions may experience graphical errors.

 Updated pilots which are included in the livery code.

 Pilot cam fitted.

 AI scenario for the EGOD emergency arrestor gear.


 YASIM Version:-

 Aleron, slat, rudder, canopy and fuel probe animations all working correctly.

 Fuel management system for the drop tanks.

 Engine Start/Stop sequence






 Dynamic selectable payloads available on the YASIm versions. Sorry, I dont know how to get that working on the JSB version.

 YASIM versions now support the correct number of internal fuel taks

 YASIM FDM has been reworked to support additional drag and weight factors from the payloads. Also the Cruise at 40000ft should now be below mach1 without afterburners.

 New crash and burn visual effect added.

 Visually he model has been altered to resemble the features of the Spey powered Phanton II - Enlarged air intakes and a fat bum. Im not a modeler so im sure someone else could do that better.

 Includes the Spey sound FX from Avionix - externay spey sound and internal cockpit hum.




 Rembrandt copatable version now added to the aircraft list. Its not 100% but very functional in Rembrandt.

 All textures and all released liveries to date are included and converted to JPEG which eliminated the x ray effect lights had on the fuselage.

 Landing lights added to all versions.

 Multiplayer compatable sound enables for Flight Gear V2.8+

 Additional exterior visual effects added.

 Removed the code remark that was preventing loading on some versions of FG.

 HUD adjusted so the symbols do not appear beyond the HUD glass area. 


Size18.29 MB
AuthorDave Culp, Alpha Simulations, StuartC ( YASIM )
Changed byGary Brown


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