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Updatec FDM using YASIM CURRENT VERSION. Suitable for FG 3.2+. The old FDM is still in the package if you wish to swap it out.

Advanced lighting kit fitted.

Tweaks to the sound pack.

A number of pre selected load options are now available in the Jaguar Menu. NOTE, due to a bug you still need to select any one item again from the equipment menu for the weight to calculate properly.

Updated help file.


Fuel management script for the drop tanks.
Cannons limited to 150 rounds each and can only be reloaded on the ground.
Updated sound files.
Engine Start/Stop sequence
Added pilot cam and over the shoulder views.
Flap deployment speed has been slowed down.
Updated MP afterburner effect.

Lighting kit updated to current version. 

New and updated liveries included.



 *** Only suitable for FG v2.8+. Some Mac OS version may encounter issues with Rembrandt code ***

 Deleted the Rembrandt specific version. Single aircraft will now auto detect Rembrandt and change accordingly.

 Updated autopilot

 Authentic Jaguar engine whine sound FX.

 Minor FDM Tweek.

 Fixed the speed Brake animation. Speed Brakes now animate when the speed brake is activated, not with the spoilers keys.

 Contrails now appear at 23000ft + and not below.




 Changed the wing vapor effect.

 Hud symbols are now restricted to the area of the HUD glass.

 Added new sound FX.

 Added MP sound support for FG v2.8+

 added a rembrandt version to the aircraft list.




 Ambient lighting values corrected for the cockpit by Voodoo

 Pilot is now invisible while on internal cockpit view.

 Taxi lights are now controlled by the switch on the master lighting panel on the left of the cockpit.



 New cockpit layout.

 New HUD display

 new liveries by gary ( N-SCOT )



 External drop tanks are now useable again.

 Afterburner effect updated.

 Most of the RAF liveries have been re done by Nielson to a higher resolution.

 Bombable compatabillity added. In addition to the Guns, you can now fire an unguided AIM 9 by pressing 8, or drop a MK82 by pressing 9. Both the guns and the unguided AIM9 are zeroed onto the gunsight. This is a Ground attack aircraft so the guns are angled down.



 Ground shaddow effect added by Helijah

 Landing lights now controled by switch ( located on the left hand side of the dashboard ). Added by Helijah.

 Updated radar scripting to reduce frame loss.

 Added HUD target tracking.

 Added Wing Condensation effect.



 FDM tweek - elevator response tweeked to make it smoother.

 Added FG2.4 compatable custom HUD

 Added super sonic shockwave effect for low level.

 Improved the low level wake effect



 Added FG 2.4 compatable Autopilot.

 Added Landing light effects for FG 2.4.

 Added low level wake effects for low level flying over water.


 Known Issues:-

 External tanks dont work properly yet under FG 2.4.

 Custom HUD no longer works with FG 2.4.


 If you are using FG2.0 or earlier please do not use this jaguar version. Stick with version 4.4A as its the last FG 2.0 Jaguar.






 In flight refueling system now works properly.

 New Autopilot. Tested stable up to Mach 1.45 in both heading hold and altitude hold modes.

 Aircraft spawns with the parking brake engaged.



 V4.1 :-

 Radar now works. Although it says a 20 mile range, the other aircraft only show up on the screen at approximately 15 miles. This will be tweeked when I figure out how to do it.


 Addition of the ELQ 101 ECM pod to the stores options. 


Size59.29 MB
LicenseGNU/GPL external
AuthorBARANGER Emmanuel, StuartC, Armchair Ace
Changed byGary Brown


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