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McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom II McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom II HOT

This aircraft requires the DAVE PACK available HERE


HD pilots fitted.

More YASIM FDM Tweaks. ( No more sliding around while parked )

For FG versions earlier than 3.2 you need to edit  some lines at the start of  F-4J-yasim-set to change back to the old FDM.

MP Back seat WSO available for the YASIM version - Currently as a passenger only.

Added basic instruments to the back seat.

MP Afterburner effect added.

Added Pilot Cam and Over the shoulder Cam.

Yasim version has a number of pre set load out options available in the F4J Menu.

Help file  updated.





There are more updates in the works.

Currently though:-

Advanced lighting kit fitted.

Rembrandt specific version removed. All versions now auto detect.

YASIM version - Updated YASIM files using YASIM CURRENT VERSION  for FG 3.2+  -Fully Carrier capable.



AMB lighting values corrected.
Dynamic payload for the YASIM versions. I cant get it to work with JSBsim. RAF F-4J's were only used in the air-air role but other payload options are available for use with other nations varients .
FDM reworked to react to the payload and performance tweeked to removed the Supercruise.
Livery selection now includes the Pilots, Drop tanks and Pylons. Current liveries have been updated with the new bits. 



HUD symbols now limited to the area of the HUD Glass.

Removed RAF Camo and TEST liveries as they were never used on this aircraft.

Tweeks to the kurnass and Blue Angels liveries.

Added VX-4 " Evaluator" and VX-4 " bicentennial" liveries. 



Added a Rembrandt version to the aircraft list.

All versions support MP sound for FG 2.8+

Sonic Boom visual effect added to non rembrandt versions.

Wing condensation effect added to all versions.

Livery function converted to JPEG support to remove issues with the Alpha channel. See the Liveries README contained in the folders before creating any new liveries. 


Size28.98 MB
LicenseCC-BY-NC-SA v4 external
AuthorDave Culp, Todd Marois, StuartC
Changed byGary Brown


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