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Eurocopter E Eurocopter EC145 HOT

Preview video:-  HERE

Manual Startup tutorial video:-


Release Notes:-

SUITABLE FOR FG Versions 2017 +


Manual startup now possible.

Autostart includes all flags from the  Manual start.

Long line payload option available for use with the cargo towing add on ( separate download ).

Some FDM tweaks.

More  panel work  done.

Some sound FX alterations.

Some case and path error fixes.

Changes to the main rotor animation.

Custom Autopilot based on the Wildcat Autopilot.



Minor updates to the MFD's

Rotor was on grass effect added ( requires ALS +  grass enabled ).

Interior ALS shadow.

Fuselage reflection is now livery specific.

GNS430 GPS system now displays  the map.

1 new livery - Scottish charity Air Ambulance.

Instrument lighting   available via the  knob on the overhead panel.



ALS fuselage and Glass effects added.

MP Compatible  Rotor  dust effect.

Payload weights and configurations have been recalculated based on  Data from Eurocopter.

Updated MFD screens with  changeable modes.

All external lights are now set as default to OFF position.

Working windscreen wiper ( controlled via the switch on the overhead panel ).

New payload option - Offshore Passenger.

Emergency Floatation system available for the SAR and offshore Passenger configurations ( See help file ).

Some other cockpit work. Some things that were just a texture are now 3D.

FLIR View available on  payloads with a FLIR pod fitted.

Working Winch man  ( see help file ).

Winch cam.

SAS Compatible Autopilot. The Following modes will work without disengaging the SAS - All Heading modes. AGL hold. Altitude Hold. Vertical Speed hold.

New Rotor animations.

Updated help file ( You need to read it to  find out the new toys ! )



Bug fixes for multiplayer properties for  All lights, engine fire, Winch man and doors over Multiplayer.



All doors cut and animated.

All new main panel with Eurocopter  Screens and functional warning panel.

Overhead panel fitted ( working rotorbrake )

New interior/Exterior   mission configurations available from the Equipment/Payload menu.

Working Searchlight ( steerable in all axis ) available on certail  configurations.

Working Winch man ( avauilable on certain configurations )

Help file updated ( please read for the new keybindings ).






Minor bug fix for the MP passenger to prevent others seeing the passenger as a blue glider.


Added MP passenger option



First public release.

Fully flyable, including limited autopilot functions.

Livery swapping enabled. A few liveries are included.

Multiplayer sound.

Advanced lighting pack - not yet working over Multiplayer.

Performance values close to real values.



Size31.14 MB
LicenseGNU/GPL external
AuthorMelchior Franz (Nasal + config)Heiko Schulz, Maik Justus, StuartC (FDM), Melchior Franz (Nasal) Martien van der P. (3d), litzi ( Eurocopter Screens )
CreatedSunday, 07 December 2014 21:33
Created byStuartC
ChangedWednesday, 05 August 2020 15:40
Changed byStuartC


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