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Hughes MD- Hughes MD-500E HOT

*** Suitable for Flight gear versions 2017 or newer  ***




Slight FDM Changes.

Long Line payload option available ( Watch your MTOW ! ).  For use with the Cargo Towing addon available  HERE

New Autopilot.

Autostart will now trigger the  Animations and Logic correctly.

SAR recovery script. Just for fun so you can  recover your friends crashed chopper over Multiplayer.



Major reworking on  the 500E.

FDM reworked and improved t give more realistic flight.

3d model  -  Front doors cut an animated. Click to open. Rear doors not possible on this model.

Animated Sticks, pedals   and collective.

Radio navigation possible.

Panel  vibration.

All instruments functional.

Updated rotor particle effect.

All lights are default to the OFF position.

Livery specific  levels of fuselage reflection.

ALS Glass effects including cockpit shadow.

Optional  emergency floatation system ( see aircraft help ).

Full manual start up possible ( see   Aircraft help ).



V 1.1.2

minor bug fix to remove the BO105 Dependancy



Minor bug fix for the MP passenger to prevent others seeing the passenger as a blue glider.



Small update that adds a MP passenger  version so you can terrify your friends with your flying. Select the MP passenger version, then in the  MD500 menu, select the Pilot you want to hitch a ride with.



First public release.

FDM Suitable for FG 3.2+ using YASIM CURRENT VERSION. Earlier FG versions may experience strange flight behaviour.

Fully textured cockpit with functional instruments.

Multiplayer sound.

Advanced Lighting kit. Switch located on the dash to turn off the landing light ( default position is ON ).

21 liveries included.

Limited Autopilot functionality.

Rembrandt ready.


Size50.4 MB
LicenseGNU/GPL external
AuthorAlphasim ( 3d model ),StuartC(FDM), Geed( Sound ), Gary Brown(Paint)
CreatedMonday, 09 February 2015 21:25
Created byStuartC
ChangedThursday, 28 January 2021 12:46
Changed byStuartC


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