24th Nov, 8pm UK time, .Scouting Norway


This is a Chopper flight over some dramatic West Coast Norwegian scenery.

The flight is only open to the Westland Scout, hens the flight name "Scouting Norway "
Download it here in plenty of time, and practice flying it, a lot.:-



The Scout is not a fast chopper so our waypoints are fairly close together. We may be taking no direct routs depending on the weather.

The Route:-
ENFL - Half way stop point(ish)

Second half is slightly longer than the first due to the distances involved, but it should all work out just fine. Please make sure your medical insurance is up to date and you have written your last will and testament before FlightNight.

As this is a chopper night and especially with a nasty flying bug like the Scout, there will be no text chat from me at all at any time. All comms will be on our TeamSpeak :-


If you cant fly the scout, it does support Multiplayer passengers and you could join in with someone and help them navigate, or hold the sick bag etc.


Main event thread:-


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