Dec. 12, 8pm UK time - Return to Ecuador Part III


We'll meet at 8 PM London Time at ICAO: SECU - Mariscal Lamar International Airport in Ecuador. Please bring a helicopter of your choice from the FGUK Hangar that can maintain 110 - 120 KIAS at altitudes up to 17,000'. We'll try and depart in a timely manner and head to SERB and then on to SEAM. On the way we will do a fly by of Volcan Sangay to have a quick check of VooDoo's Crack on the now dormant volcano.


We will land at SEAM for fuel and refreshment bofore continuing on our Volcano sight seeing journey to SELT and then finally landing at SEQM/Mariscal Sucre International Airport which is very nicely developed in FlightGear as well as being surrounded by fabulous scenery and awesome topography.

Comms will be on TeamSpeak as always:

Please be prompt as there is lots of cool stuff to see and only 2 hours to Git 'er Dun!



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