FlightNight Dec 15th, 8pm UK time.: Banana Madness with Beatrice!


And for FlightNight December 15th, it's time you all grasped the nettle, bit the bullet and faced your fears.
Prepare for a night with....

....The Death Banana! (BWAHAHA! Yes, I AM evil!)

Yes, the ONLY acceptable aircraft will be the CH47 or variants from the FGUK hangar.

If you find you are unable to fly it, you can download a replacement FDM for it.  Unzip and place the ch47d.xml  in the main ch47 folder and overwrite the file  that's in it already.
 FDM Download:-  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cCKx_aZSXQMd2RI0yDmdepSwwOfcgLqG/view?usp=sharing

The premise of our wee evening of fun is to practice a drill for Chinook evacuation support to the Beatrice Oil Field, which happily has 3 FG oil rigs.  Our flight will take us from Lossiemouth (EGQS) out past the North Sea fix "MORAY" to the Oilfield.  We'll mess around here, then break for 5, then it's off to our final destination of Kirkwall (EGPA) via the fix "WIK05" and Lamb Holme airfield (EG62).

On the map there's a couple of alternate points to start if you / when you crash.  Not overly near the oilfield, but then Scotland's got a bunch of empty in it.

For your edification, the route manager plan is here:- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kYOku1AsAt_5_zuUkvs_0b5AcHH3jrmH/view?usp=sharing

For those about to DIE I salute you!

Main event thread for updates:-



All voice coms will be using  TeamSpeak:-


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