22nd Dec 8pm UK time.. R-sing around wales.

let the photo give you a clue

Yes,  The much loathed R series will be the only choices available.
Downloads are here:-
R22 :- http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/flightgear/ftp/Aircraft/R22.zip
R44:- http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/flightgear/ftp/Aircraft/R44.zip

I don't think there is an R66 in FG yet. Correct me if im wrong though.

Now, what will we be doing with it ? Touring Wales, that's what.

 The proposed route:-

 Now we will mostly be flying at about 1000ft and utilising this beasts whopping top speed of 100kts(ish).

All coms will be on TS3:-

If you have no experience with R series, best get some practice in. And the  R22 and R44  are nothing alike to fly so don't expect flying one makes you fit to fly the other.

Good luck.

Main event thread for Updates:-


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