FlightNight Dec. 29th, 8pm UK time - Grand Canyon Down 'n Dirty

We'll meet at 8pm London Time at:ICAO: KGCN - Grand Canyon Airport. Please bring your choice of 'Chopper from the FGUK Hangar:-


being capable of maintaining 120 KIAS at altitudes up to approx. 10K'. We'll depart roughly Northish and descend directly to about 1000' AGL where we will attempt to follow the Colorado River at the bottom of the Canyon. This will result in a *whole lot* of very twisty turny and at times we will literally be at 50' off the water @120 KIAS. Our destination for break time and refuel/refresh will be the Airport 1G4 - Grand Canyon West Airport near Peach Springs.

After refresh we will climb to about 1000' AGL and fly directly to some nice airports - KLAS, KVGT, and finally landing at KLSV concluding the last Flight Night of 2018! We'll do our best to fly clock time as well as Real Weather so pick yer 'Bird appropriately.

Comms will be on TeamSpeak as always:-


I'm really excited to have the position of Flight Leader for FGUK's final FlightNight of 2018! Thanks for looking and I hope to see as many as possible!



Main event thread for updates:-


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