FlightNight Jan. 5, 8pm UK time, 2019 - Fast Jets for First FlightNight of 2019!


This one is all about starting the New Year by visiting some rather nicely developed airports in FlightGear. Not necessarily "Fancy" or Popular but well worth a visit as they may be out of the way for many FGUK Pilots!

We'll meet at 8pm London Time at ICAO: LGKR - Corfu International Airport on the Greek Island of Corfu. Please bring your choice of Fast Jet from the FGUK Hangar that can maintain 400 - 500 KIAS to altitudes of roughly 10K'. A reliable autopilot as well as Terrain Following will come in handy as well. This is a hint that we will at times being flying low, fast, and dirty to observe some the the a fore mentioned airports. We won't land at all of them.

We'll depart LGKR and overfly: LAKV, LATI, LAGJ, LYPG, LYTV, LDBU, and land at LDSP for refresh/refuel. The second half of the Flight Waypoints is to be announced later this week.

Comms on TeamSpeak as always:


Standby for details and I hope to see as many as possible for our first flight of 2019!


Main thread for updates:-


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