Sat. Jan. 26, 8pm UK tomeĀ - Choppers at Zagre.

We'll meet at 8PM London time at Zagreb Airport in Croatia. Please bring the chopper of your choice from the FGUK Hangar being able to maintain 130 KIAS at altitudes up to about 7000 feet. The timing on this flight will be odd as our midpoint destination is LQSA - Sarajevo and this airport is more than 1 hour flight time from Zagreb. So we'll be flying balls to the wall and airborn as close to 8PM London time as possible to avoid running too late.Please be early if you can.

After refuel and refresh in Sarajevo we will depart to LYTV - Tivat in Montenegro - as our final destination.
Comms will be on TeamSpeak as always:

Please be prompt if not early as I'd really like to get us briefed and in the air by very shortly after 8PM. Hope to see as many as possible and be prepared to push yer aircraft hard and fast!


Main event thread for updates:-

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