FlightNight 9th February 2019, 8pm UK time - Brits(ish) abroad

Dos san miguel por favor waiter, FGUK are going on a bit of a jolly.

We're even bringing some of our International friends with us so you can experience the delights of where the British like to go on their hollibobs.

Starting at Palma de Mallorca on the beautiful island of Majorca we will drop some light alcopops off overhead Ibiza shortly after departure and then make our way at about 300kts over the Costa del Sol and fly along with the Med at our side until we break at 2100 UTC at Almería for a bowl of patatas fritas and stock up on sombreros.


After our siesta we will slow things down to 150kts and take in the sights of the slightly posher end of the Costa before defying the rules and approaching the somewhat disputed home soil on The Rock at LXGB

Due to the difference in speed between the segments I'm going to say the only allowed aircraft on this flight are to be Harriers - your choice of variant.

main event thread for updates:-



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