Alpha release of a Multiplayer version of  HMS Iron Duke.





This  is a Multiplayer and AI  combined version of HMS Iron Duke. It can be  run as a stand alone AI ship, or you can be Captain over Multiplayer.

This ship contains some experimental code which will transmit the Wave motion the Captain sees over MP. This means Pilots cant cheat by setting the weather to calm. I stress again THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL!!!!

For pilots landing on you over Multiplayer, they need to select  you the same way as any other Multiplayer Aircraft Carrier.


The limitations to the current code mean  only  one Iron Duke can be operated at a time over Multiplayer



How to install:-

Unzip the package, And move the F234 folder into your Aircraft directory.

Open the F234/AI folder and copy the AI scenario - HMS_IronDuke_demo.xml , to your FG Install/Data/AI folder  ( copy, don't move ! )

Launch FlighGear.

If you are the "Captain", you can select the ship like any other aircraft ( listed as - Multiplayer Type 23 Frigate (HMS Iron Duke) ). The default start location is just West of EGOD.

To run the ship as AI only, Run FG, spawn near the ship location.

Select from the in Sim Menu  AI/Traffic and Scenario setting.   Tick the HMS IronDuke Demo selection and the ship will spawn at its defined start location.


How to change its start position:-

AI Version only - In your Data/AI folder, edit the file HMS_IronDuke_demo.xml with a text editor.

MP Version only - In your Aircraft/F234/AI folder, edit the file HMS_IronDuke_demo.xml with a text editor.

Edit fhe following section:-





Save the file and it will start at the new location.


How to start on the ship:-

The AI Scenario must be set to run at the start.

You need to specify an Aircraft Carrier in your launcher + Parking position:-


Parking:- Heli1

Start FG from an airfield within 100 miles of the ship and your start position should be the Heli pad.

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