Flightnight March 9th, 8pm UK time, Low Level Helicopter Fun

OK gentlemen, you are being invited to a fun introduction flight to helicopter low level operation.

We will take off at LIPG and follow our track towards LDRG. Positions on the track are all GPS positions and are meant as a guide.

We will of course use the terrain to our advantage and will fly right into every ditch regardless of how shallow it is.

At LDRG we will have our mid time break and continue our low level flight on our second leg towards LDPL.

Co-Pilot with FLIR view

Best helicopter for this night is the Westland Gazelle in it't MIL variant as it is equipped with a FLIR view. As the next low level flight will be a tactical flight we need to be able to operate the FLIR. So, you are more than welcome to get into the cockpit as a co-pilot to try out the FLIR. If we got time we can do one or two simulated battle positions where we put the helicopter in a hover, peek up behind a hill and try to do recon of the area in front of us before we continue on our track towards the target airfield.

Get the latest FGUK model of the Gazelle in the hangar.:-



Leg Planning

We will fly two legs. The first leg will get us from Gorizia in Slovenia to Rijeka in Croatia. The second leg will get us from Rijeka to Croatia's Pula on the peninsula of Istria. Both legs are prepared as flight plans for the Flightgear route manager.

Please download the flight plan for both legs here

Before each leg you need to load it into the route manager.


Please find the skyvector plan here .


Please find the skyvector plan here .

All voice coms will be  carried out through out TS  server:-


Main event thread for updates:-




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