16th March, 8pm UK time ( still not on Daylight Savings ! ).

Bad Gyrations.

We shall be visiting Corsica and we will attempt to get as far round this course as we can in our 2 hour flight.

LFKB - Bastia-poretta

LFKC - Sainte Catherine Airport

LFKT - Aerodrome de Corte

LFKG - Ghisonaccia Alzitone

LFKJ - Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte

LFKO - Propriano

LFKF - Figari

Simple enough you say and I hear you ask "Why Bad Gyrations ???? ", well that's also simple as your only choice of ride for the night is this:-


Better get practising.

Al comms will be on our TS server:-



Main event tread for any updates:-


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