FlightNight March 23, 8pm UK time ( Still not in Daylight savings ! ) - Spitfire Vb Cruise


We'll meet at 8PM London Time at ICAO: LFML - Marseille Provence Airport. Please bring a Spitfire Vb from the FGUK Hangar.


I hope to have an updated version available by Saturday with enhanced panel lighting, startup smoke and contrail effects above 22000' as well as enhanced splash screens. I have chosen this aircraft to test upgrades and to lay the way for future capture the flag events as well as lay some tribute to folks like Gary and Stuart who have contributed mightily to this aircraft with fantastic liveries as well as one of the best FDM's I have flown in tail draggers.

Time setting will be dawn and we'll be flying border of a high pressure area as some cannot yet run real weather. We'll depart to LSGG/Geneva and climb to 22500' to observe and test contrail effects. After landing and refuel at LSGG we will proceed to LSGS, LSML, and finally land at EDDM, Munich airport in Germany.

This flight will run long and please be prepared to run 15 minutes late on this one. If other obligations need be attended there is no shame in bowing out early. Comms will be on TeamSpeak as always:



Please be prompt and practice if you can as tail draggers can be difficult to master. Kiss, Kiss. Love Ya'll. :kiss: :kiss:



Main event thread for updates:-


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