8pm uk time, 8th June.

On the 5th of june 2019 a group of C-47 planes will take on a flight from mainland UK over the channel towards the original drop zones over France. They will release parajumpers in original equipment as a tribute to all heroes who fought against the Germans.

We will do the same on saturday the 8th of june!

We will not only use C-47s but also gliders that can be attached to them. So everyone is very welcome to join us on our virtual memorial flight that evening.

The only allowed plane is the C-47

Download links

The amazing C-47

Internal sounds mod by Geed:-

Just unpack it right into the DC-3s Sounds folder.



We will assemble at 8pm UK time but please be there at least half an hour earlier if you need to test things. We need to start in time.



T/O EGMC > N50°44.92' E0°14.81' @1500ft > -- over the channel @ 500ft -- > LFOH @1500ft due to Flak > N49°16.53' W0°12.00' @ 600ft for the drop over Merville > RTB LFRK

ALTITUDE changes are being called out by flight lead.
DROP initiation is being called out by flight lead.

This image shows British Horsa and Hamilcar gliders in fields near Ranville

There won't be a break due to sparse airport density on the island and a long flight over the channel so be prepared, gather all rations and enough beer.

Time Setting - Morning
Weather Setting - Border of a Low Pressure Region

All voice coms will be using TeamSpeak:-


For those who cant fly it,   the event will be broadcast live on our  YouTube:-


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