EC/H130 has had a tweak or two.




FGUK  version of the existing FlightGear EC130. Both B4 and T2 versions.

Whats the difference ?


The FDM has been re tuned to better represent the flight behaviour of the  EC130. It is more like the AS350 now.

The Garmin now has function.

Added Rain on Glass effects.

Added Rotorwash on grass effects.

Some sounds have been altered.

Multiplayer sound added.

Canvas  VMED.

Fixed a bug in the Startup procceedure.

Fixed an MP bug that would kill any other EC130 over Multiplayer when you spwaned in.

This is Manual start only. The Autostart is completely non functional. Watch   our tutorial on starting and flying it.:-


Flight Character.

In basic trim it is tail heavy. Take off requires Right pedal and Cyclic towards the 1 o'clock position. 

Normal cruise  110-115kts.

Fast cruise  up to 125 kts.

VNE  around 150kts but you have to push the airframe quite hard to get to that.


Other  notes.:-

If you install this one, or the original  EC130 is separate custom aircraft directories, they should co exist  quite happily.


P.S.  Dont forget to put fuel in it   for the first time.


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