Want to use this to fly  in Flight Gear ? Now you can.





For those serious about choppers,  they need serious controls. 

The ProFlightPuma is a popular choice for many, and all too often I hear " My puma does not work  correctly with Flight Gear".

Well,  its actually does. Every Axis and every button combination has been manually discovered and mapped in this   ready to use XML file.


Unzip and copy the file Pro-Flight-Trainercom.xml to one of the following locations :-


WINDOWS USERS:- C:Users(your user name )AppDataRoamingflightgear.orgInputJoysticks

LINUX USERS:- /home/[USERNAME]/.fgfs/Input/Joysticks

MAC users:- ~/Library/Application Support/FlightGear/Input/Joysticks

The Puma should now be available from the pull down  Joystics menu in  the Joystick configuration screen.


Please read the included PDF file as it has a chart of all the functions of the  control set and what they are   mapped to in this XML file.

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